When their faith becomes your faith, victory. New Book!

Brief Notes on Revelation
New Book! Brief Notes on Revelation. You can understand Revelation.

When their faith becomes your faith, victory!

When their faith becomes your faith, victory! The future is in the past. Early Christians took a beating. They believed in Jesus. By unveiling the plan in the book of Revelation we will view the example of the spiritual forefathers.

The ancient Christians are experiencing persecution by Jewish leadership, followed by Roman tyranny. Imprisoned because they believe in Jesus.

They take a beating from the Jewish synagogue. Jesus calls them the synagogue of Satan!

Romans massacre Christians along with what they perceive to be a Jewish sect. Nero uses them as a scapegoat because He claims they are to fault for Rome burning.

The principles in Revelation are applicable to overcoming the stigma a genuine Christian life in the 21st Century. Are people blaming you for you didn’t do?

People win because Christ conquers the beast and the synagogue of Satan.

Little known secrets in the book of Revelation are unsealing a spectacular victory in the face of opposition. As each church and every Christian learns the fundamental principles to the faith, truth relevant to the way of salvation is clear. We interpret this by assessing the symbolism in the book. As a matter of fact, even the beast is a symbolic word when analyze the biblical text carefully.

Take a look at the end of an economy seeking to ban Christianity, faces judgment. Jews oppose Christians in the first century A.D. History in the book of Acts is the backdrop for immense suffering, as we utilize Scripture to interpret Scripture. Correspondingly, the importance to us is the future is bright. We win in Jesus. Thus, past principles apply today.

These principles of yester-centuries clearly present lessons for us. For example, the devil is active today seeking to devour souls – just as he was then.

Corona virus is like a plague on the world right now. We are in a crisis. The good news is Jesus binds Satan with the Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus liberates souls from enslavement to evil and sin. Our Lord has the keys to death and Hades. The deceiver has fooled the world. The saving Son of God sits on the throne of truth. He reigns in the disciples’ hearts. Ideals like this one are applicable both in the ancient church and for the modern person. Revelation gives us a synopsis of what true bravery is. Trusting in the all power Master of souls. That is where the principles of the past apply to Christians today.

We have a crown and white robes waiting. That’s where the concepts of the past move modern saints.

In light of our salvation, we must act now before time runs out. Revelation especially emphasizes when Jesus returns in the final judgment, we can be like the ancient Christians. Saved!

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of the prophecy, and keep the things that are written therein: for the time is at hand. 

Revelation 1:3 ASV

The prophecies of Revelation are serving in our Lord Jesus Christ for our examples to us today. Henceforth, proven freedom is ours for the accepting.

You can have amazing hope by understanding the key spiritual meanings in Revelation.

This purposeful application of these brief is to illustrate this hope given to everyone who reads Revelation. Just as persecution of the assemblies of Christ move martyrs to cry to Lord for relief, we can have the comfort Jesus offers. For one thing, He promises relief.

A study of Revelation will be bless you with mind-blowing trust in the Lord – Make it apply to your life.

God has proven over and again He keeps His promises. On the negative side, judgment and doom are for unbelievers who mistreat and abuse those who walk humbly with God. On the other hand, those who walk an unpretentious life with Jesus know the brilliant way of salvation. Just as the seven churches of Asia Minor struggled to overcome the affairs of this life, we can be victorious in faith.

You will value the spectacular secrets to solid ideas Revelation teaches.

This logical interpretation views Revelation as a book of symbolic literature. Our study is basic to the rational approach to scientifically interpreting prophetic literature. The most compelling mysteries are revealing. Here we look back into wondrous historical sketches drawing an eye-opening amount of facts in the last book of the Bible. As a whole, the Bible is God’s grand scheme of redemption. Under the circumstances of the church in the first century an anticipation for redemption is radiant.

We modern day believers also hope for a continuous life beyond this temporal world. For this reason the Bible clearly motivates Believers to have a backbone. Henceforth, we choose to yield to the call of the Gospel.

You will discover amazing themes when you gain an understanding Revelation because they are foundational to spiritual wealth.

  • The Gospel binds Satan.
  • The identity of the beast.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven arrives with power.
  • Christians are conquerors.
  • The Lord comes quickly.
  • Pinpointing the 1,000 year reign.

Appreciating a partial preterist view of Revelation because it makes sense.

Preterist means the events of Revelation are in the past. We do not believe the full preterist view that every prophecy in the Bible is in the past. Our conviction is to avoid such folks. We are partial preterists. Partial preterists are futurists. Jesus is coming in Judgment on the world. The Lord is going to come in Judgment.

We are certain you will value the contribution, the Writer has spent years studying the principles in literature of the prophets.

Apply the things written in the book of Revelation for an uplifting mood and less worrisome attitude. After all, you and I are to be the overcomers of our time.

Donny Weimar instructs students for Tennessee Bible College. He teaches Literature of the Prophets. Having started in 1989, Donny continues to preach among the churches of Christ.

The author does not claim to be perfect in any of his interpretations. Hermeneutics is ultimately the reader’s responsibility. The Bible alone is God’s Word. Unfortunately, some twist it to their own destruction. This work is for you consideration. Let God be true and every person a liar.

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