Christian with Bipolar Disorder

by Donny Weimar

I thought my diagnosis rendered me useless. I had preached for two decades before a psychiatrist diagnosed me with an affective disorder. I went through several different diagnoses before this final one stuck. If you or a loved one has Bipolar Disorder I they will identify with much of the condition in my book. I refer back to it from time to myself. It’s in its second printing. Although the page format is a bit unusual, it reflects my eccentricity. It’s been many years since my first psychiatry visit. I have been on different cocktails of medicines. I am presently very stable, though bouts of depression come from nowhere and hypomania causes moments of impulsivity. I have plans to follow up with another book on Christians with Schizophrenia. I pray God blesses you with this read.

Get help with Bipolar Illness with this book.