Does the Bible Endorse Racism?


Racism in Scripture dates to the days Jews were enslaved to make bricks for Pharaoh. It seems the Egyptians were growing richer and fatter while the Jews were systemically rearing generations of “lower class” farmers. God leads Moses to Pharaoh in Exodus to say, “Let My people Go!” This article will answer the title question in the negative. The Bible does not endorse racism, regardless of how some Christians discriminate against ethnic cultures different from their own. Our loving God hates racism but desires every soul to come to Jesus.

Racism in the Church

My first experience of “white” Christians hating those of a different color was in a small town north of Dallas. Back then people called a black and white married couple mixed and it was derogatory to do so. The church which I was a member of at the time was rude to newcomers. In this instance a black man and his Caucasian wife entered the church building to worship God with fellow believers. I will have you know not a single member of that congregation said hello or give a head nod. Nope, not even a howdy. I am not being judgmental. I am merely stating what I saw. Friend, when it comes to saving souls black lives do matter. And of course, I hear you when you reply, “all lives matter.” You are right; they do. But do you get the point that showing prejudice when God’s Word strictly and forthrightly condemns racial bias.

Character of Christ

Racism is not in accord with the character of Christ. Jesus became as human as any person is. All believers are a united body in Christ (Ephesians 4:4). He became like me so that I might be like Him. According to Galatians 1:28, all believers are one. A couple verses a fore, we see that all baptized converts stand on equal ground at the foot of the cross. Regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or culture, we are together in Jesus.

“For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for as many as were immersed into Christ put on Christ; there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither servant nor freeman, there is neither male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:26-28).

If you have put on Christ and someone of a different ethnicity has put on Christ, then your soul must become color blind. People look on the outward appearance, but God sees within the soul. To seek and save the lost we too must look past the outer coat of skin and investigate the heart of those seeking the will of God.

“[Is He] only the God of Jews, and not also of nations?” (Romans 3:29).

The Gospel Call to All

God is calling all people to turn to Him (Acts 3:19). Thus, God is no respecter of persons. Meaning God does not discriminate on whom He saves based on skin color, ethnicity and so forth. It does not matter whether you are a man or woman. God wants you to be saved.

“And Peter having opened his mouth, said, ‘Of a truth, I perceive that God is not favoring by appearance, but in every nation he who is fearing Him, and is working righteousness, is acceptable to Him’” (Acts 10:34-35).

“For there is no favor by appearance with God” (Romans 2:11).

No Favoritism Allowed

Moreover, believers must not favor the rich over the poor (James 2:1-9). But do you agree with me that Christians who do not show equal favor to everyone, on wealth, station, fame, or race are hateful? I know you have seen it happen.

No Bible Abuse Allowed

Some have taken these passages I have presented to twist them and abuse the word racism by extending it to include areas where Christians must discriminate. There are some are areas where believers must discern between people lovingly where differences of religion and sinful behaviors are concerned. For example, if a person has not obeyed the Gospel call, then the Bible expects us to judge that person has not yet been saved. I use the word judge to say discerning between the saved and the lost; between those living in sinful behaviors and those who are living upright in the faith of Christ. If we cannot do this, then we may as well close our Bible to seeking to save those whom God says are not saved.

Ethnic Evangelism

Evangelism must reach out to all races and social groups. It must go to the ends of the earth, to all nations. The Great Commission is a model to be repeated in every generation. Beware! Those who preach the superiority of any race above another is not a loving person. Hate of any person is a sin, including those of a different ethnic group.

Pharaoh was forced to let God’s people go. Must we drown in the sea of rebellion like him? No. We will humble ourselves today while it’s called today. Tomorrow may be too late. Hey Adversary, let God’s people go!

~ Donny Weimar

Do These 3 Things to Improve Your Faith, Instantly

Christian with Bipolar Disorder


Pray the Lord’s Prayer: Be Satan Free

More Prayers That Move God

By Donny Weimar

Learn Three Ways To Overcome Temptations and Stop Satan in his Tracks.

“Let us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.” (Matthew 6:13)

Continuing the battle in our spiritual warfare is reliance upon the Captain of our salvation. Remember, the kingdom belongs to the King. The power is His and the glory is His. Thus, the Lord Jesus has all the power in the cosmos to rescue us from the sly Serpent who deceived the first couple in the perfect Eden’s paradise. He has the authority to save. The Modern Literal Version reads, “And do not bring us into temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.”

The evil one is none other than the Devil himself. No doubt, he is out to get you and me. His rebellion against God’s goodness made him the prince of darkness. Jesus is the light shining in the regions and shadows of the world’s despair.

“Be sober! Be watchful! Your* adversary, the Slanderer, like a roaring lion, is walking around seeking whom he may swallow up, 5: 9 to whom you* withstand, solid in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are accomplished in your* brotherhood which is in the world.” (1 Peter 5:8 MLV)

Three Ways How to Overpower Evil

1. Prepare Ahead with Prayer – Satan is a Constant Nag

“So-then, the one thinking of himself as to be standing, let him beware, lest he might fall! No temptation has taken you° except common human temptations, but God is faithful, who will not be permitting you° to be tempted beyond what you° are able to undergo, but together-with the temptation, he will also make* an outlet.” (1 Corinthians 10:12-13 MLV)

Know what your temptations are and what Scripture passages help you stand strong when faced with the evil. Satan will use any malevolent tool at his disposal to deceive. Extreme illnesses, financial losses, deaths in the family or any other harm that we might suffer. The Adversary will use them to twist us. When we are faced with these tests, we have the choice of moving in one of two directions. We can either push away from God and fall into worldly-sorrow or draw closer to God and find a peace that surpasses human comprehension.


2. Pray During Temptation – Satan Knows How to Lay a Snare

We have a sympathizing Savior. The way we people can be saved is if the Goodness of God be incarnated in the virgin’s womb. Live a sinless life. Die the death on behalf of us sinners. Then rise to sit on the throne of righteousness. The wonderful thing about Jesus is He is our perfect High Priest who atones continually on our behalf. This makes it possible for us to go directly to God’s throne of grace to find mercy in our moment of need.

“Therefore having a great high-priest, Jesus the Son of God, who has gone through the heavens, let us hold-fast the confession. For* we do not have a high-priest who is unable to sympathize together-with our weaknesses, but one who has been tempted according-to all things according-to our likeness, yet without sin. Therefore let us come near to the throne of grace with boldness, in-order-that we may receive mercy and may find grace *for opportune help.” (Hebrews 4:14-16 MLV).

When we face the traps of the Evil One, it’s time that opportune help. Jesus Christ was tempted in every fashion as any other human. What tempts you? He’s been there. He’s come through it sin-free. And He can set you free too.

3. Praise God in Prayer After You’ve Succeeded – When Satan Fails, He Runs Away to Hunt Some Other Day

Temptations can be challenging. Challenging is an understatement when it’s rooted in a feeling. Here’s the sum. Knowledge can last. Character can last. Principles can last. But feelings do not last. So then,

“Count [it] all joy, my brothers, when you may fall into manifold temptations, knowing that the proof of your faith works endurance, and let the endurance have a perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” (James 1:2-4 LSV)

By placing God and His will ahead of our feelings, we surrender our carnal tendencies. Temptations are common to all people, but the Christian has the ability in Christ to endure. We press on as God completes His work in us. Recounting his conversion, Paul wrote Timothy about how God had counted him faithful and put Paul into the apostolic ministry. Even though Paul regarded himself the worst of sinners, God’s grace compelled him to teach the pattern of belief leading him and us to life everlasting.

God saw sincerity in the pre-converted Saul. He knew the passion of this man who when he became apostle Paul will do monumental successes for the kingdom church. The faithful saying is a humble one. To admit to God that we are sinners in need of a Savior, is the first step to being free from Satan.Let Jesus Take The Helm

Trials are the Devil’s Work. The Spirit of Christ Is the Solution. 

To remove yourself from temptations while Satan puts you through trials, remember to change your thinking, so that feelings may change. When your feelings turn into godly inclinations, you are more capable of walking in faith with the Son in light. When we can see the Spirit of Jesus through the lens of faith, at work in our heart, a battle fought victory is already won. The Spirit of truth uses His special revelation in God’s Word to set us free from sin that we tangled in so. Pray for deliverance and become Satan free. As always remember that you and I “can do all things through Him who strengthens us.” (Philippians 4:13).




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Defeating The Agony of Disappointment

by Donny Weimar

Projects rise in my life with great anticipation. From selling real estate to opening an online watch store. None of them have panned out the way I imagine them succeeding. I wrestle with disappointment. It is not greed in my heart that motivates me to search for opportunities to prosper. Accomplishing something for my mortal ways always fails. I cannot push God. I seek only to pay my way in life. Living off of disability for my part of the family income does not satisfy the feeling I have for earning the fruit of my labors. I must confess that it is God who provides seed to the sower and I am quite blessed. Counting my blessings shows me the Lord is taking very good care of me. Praying for good stewardship of God’s graces proves it is He who leadeth me. The agony of disappointment does not compare with the rewards of appreciating the blessings God bestows. Pick up your head and live life with gratitude. Do not let the negatives ruin your spiritual life. Things will work out for you. Pray. Trust in Sovereign God to lead you in the life He has prepared for you. Stay true to your calling in Christ. That’s the way we overcome ourselves and defeat disappointment.

P.S. If you need a certified biblical counselor, may I meet with you or your loved ones?. I want to devote my ministry 100% to the cause of the Gospel. Having suffered much in my life, I can imagine the pains of suffering in others. As a student of biblical counseling, God has blessed me with presidential level certification with the American Association of Christian Counselors. My boasting in what I believe is God’s plan for me. No secular employed has ever worked in my favor. I believe that I am called to preach, teach and exhort with love.

Only the Bible can teach us to love and comfort others with the comfort we have received from God. I imagine you my reader are disappointed in some things in your life. Perhaps, you have lost employment due to COVID. Maybe, you are feeling anxiety or depression. Some folks are in their homes unable to go into public because illness or the danger of being exposed to a virus. Do not worry. You have God. You also have a brother here who will listen. My Facebook page is You are welcome to Message me from there.

Here’s to you I and me joining arms to defeat disappointment together.

Navigating Depression

by Donny Weimar

It’s not just the blues when you don’t want to get out of your recliner, much less brush your teeth. When I’m supremely depressed I find myself moving slower than a sloth, at least it feels like it anyway. Using soap is a chore because I’m less likely to bathe. Hey, I’m just being honest. Okay? Proverbs speaks of the sluggard as being one of the foolish ones. So, I guess there are times when I’m not the wisest person. However, I have found somethings that help me press through the hurricane of despair. Here’s some things I’ve learned.

“Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.” (Proverbs 12:25 NKJV)

Discussing anxiety here a little is relevant here because Scripture says it causes us to be depressed. I tell you that is a fact. I find that by relieving anxiety my depression is lessened. Even the psychiatrist will tell you that anxiety and depression go in hand in glove. Ezekiel was a anxiety ridden prophet (Ezekiel 12). His soul was vexed over what would happen consequent to his proclaiming God’s word to the people. For sure they hated the messenger; Jezebel wanted all the Lord’s prophets killed. Proverbs 12:26 tells us to choose our friends wisely. The company we keep may determine whether we receive a kind word. That kind word can lift a depression and make the heart more glad (Proverbs 12:25 above). Another article will address anxiety more in depth. Let’s say for now that when we turn to God, His perfect love casts out fear because anxious fear torments the soul (1 John 4:18).

There is a very strong promise made by Jesus to the burden soul. He said, “

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28 (NKJV)

There’s an old hymn that says,“Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Calvary. Jesus is very near.” Jesus is the only one who completely understands us. God knows suffering and pain. This world is all about soul-making. God is sharpening us and refining us into the mold of His glory. We are simply to blessed to stay depressed. The same Jesus who anchors our hope and secures our faith will see us through our darkest hour. Getting from point A to point Z takes at least 26 steps. I get through a lot of depressing by trust and confiding in Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. Our faith is not yet complete. You can trust in m Lord too. For more suggestions, read the chapter on the subject in my book, Christian With Bipolar Disorder.


Christian with Bipolar Disorder

by Donny Weimar

I thought my diagnosis rendered me useless. I had preached for two decades before a psychiatrist diagnosed me with an affective disorder. I went through several different diagnoses before this final one stuck. If you or a loved one has Bipolar Disorder I they will identify with much of the condition in my book. I refer back to it from time to myself. It’s in its second printing. Although the page format is a bit unusual, it reflects my eccentricity. It’s been many years since my first psychiatry visit. I have been on different cocktails of medicines. I am presently very stable, though bouts of depression come from nowhere and hypomania causes moments of impulsivity. I have plans to follow up with another book on Christians with Schizophrenia. I pray God blesses you with this read.

Get help with Bipolar Illness with this book.


Destroying Depression

Jesus understands with sweat drops of blood how I feel when I am downhearted. Empathy rains down His cheeks. With great sorrow our sins are cleansed. The Bible does not promise emotional well-being. The Bible is not an always a feel good book. God’s Word does guaranty hope for those who persevere in strong effort to overcome. God doesn’t get a black eye when I feel depressed or any other bad feeling. Major depressive episodes come to those with mental diseases. The depression the majority of people have is not clinical major depression. Even so the Bible offers remedies.

As the butterfly is resurrected from its tomb, life comes with liberty for me as I die to my guilt and shame. The Lord is big on changing our thought patterns. Metamorphosis that He wills for me is to die in a divine cocoon. When I change my thinking from a drive of emotional force I am swallowed with, and learn to trust God despite how I feel, I learn an education from grace. God is constantly my refuge and strength. He is the light that I now see dimly at the end of that parabolic tunnel.

When I reason with the Scriptures, I learn that while I am blue solutions come from reflecting on becoming active. One meek action to take is to get off the couch, no matter how heavy the weight is, and go out to do something for someone else. Love is not selfish, which is something I tend to be when I’m forlorn. I realize that I am too blessed to be depressed. God changes attitude. Attitude changes emotions. My mood becomes more balanced when taking the Lord’s counsel. Prayer gives hope. Hope is the enemy of a foul mood. It conquers and I find deliverance from depression. I know much more to becoming alleviated from depression than pulling up the bootstraps, as people say. All this is a process, one which has to be repeated for each episode.