Defeating The Agony of Disappointment

by Donny Weimar

Projects rise in my life with great anticipation. From selling real estate to opening an online watch store. None of them have panned out the way I imagine them succeeding. I wrestle with disappointment. It is not greed in my heart that motivates me to search for opportunities to prosper. Accomplishing something for my mortal ways always fails. I cannot push God. I seek only to pay my way in life. Living off of disability for my part of the family income does not satisfy the feeling I have for earning the fruit of my labors. I must confess that it is God who provides seed to the sower and I am quite blessed. Counting my blessings shows me the Lord is taking very good care of me. Praying for good stewardship of God’s graces proves it is He who leadeth me. The agony of disappointment does not compare with the rewards of appreciating the blessings God bestows. Pick up your head and live life with gratitude. Do not let the negatives ruin your spiritual life. Things will work out for you. Pray. Trust in Sovereign God to lead you in the life He has prepared for you. Stay true to your calling in Christ. That’s the way we overcome ourselves and defeat disappointment.

P.S. If you need a certified biblical counselor, may I meet with you or your loved ones?. I want to devote my ministry 100% to the cause of the Gospel. Having suffered much in my life, I can imagine the pains of suffering in others. As a student of biblical counseling, God has blessed me with presidential level certification with the American Association of Christian Counselors. My boasting in what I believe is God’s plan for me. No secular employed has ever worked in my favor. I believe that I am called to preach, teach and exhort with love.

Only the Bible can teach us to love and comfort others with the comfort we have received from God. I imagine you my reader are disappointed in some things in your life. Perhaps, you have lost employment due to COVID. Maybe, you are feeling anxiety or depression. Some folks are in their homes unable to go into public because illness or the danger of being exposed to a virus. Do not worry. You have God. You also have a brother here who will listen. My Facebook page is You are welcome to Message me from there.

Here’s to you I and me joining arms to defeat disappointment together.

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