Does It Matter That I Have A Soul?

Donny Weimar 

We are all people, but we are not all the same person. Each of us is comprised of matter, the dust from which Adam was created. All this matter makes us separate from the animals in form and structure. The DNA we are made with gives us individual characteristics. Structured matters down to the atom makes us each individually unique. This matter is in constant flux. We do not have the same structure we had in each passing year of our history. It’s like this, Donny is the same Donny he has always been since he was born. However, the matter structuring Donny’s body shifts and ages. It changes over time. So, if Donny’s matter changes, how can he be the same Donny? Let me explain. 

You and I have souls within us. This spiritual dynamic of our existence is the essence of being. James says the body without the spirit is dead. Donny was born with a spiritual nature and will continue with such until death. At death Donny will continue living as a spirit. He will be changed into the like image of angels having no sexual orientation, says Scripture. This is majorly important for the Christian. Unbelievers deny the spirit of individuals because they do not believe in the eternal nature of God who made them. However, the logic of identifying the individual characteristics is plain. While the structural matter that makes a person shifts and changes over time, the soul is a forever characteristic. We believe in the eternal essence of a person because God individualizes His special creation.  

“The LORD who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him” (Zechariah 12:1). 
Zechariah 12:1  

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